Teaching involvement of our group

Members of our group are involved in the teaching of various courses at the University of Vienna. You can find more information below.

Cosmic Structures Course

Most closely related to the research in our group is the 'Cosmic Structures - Theory, Statistics & Numerics' course. We are excited to offer it again in summer 2024:

This is the link to the new summer 2024 edition.

Cosmology Master/PhD Seminar

Our group is offering a 'current topics in cosmology' seminar every semester. We encourage all students potentially interested in a Master thesis in the group to participate. In the seminar, we will discuss together up-to-date publications that have appeared on the arXiv over the last year or so. Consider signing up if you are a Astrophysics/Physics/Mathematics Master or PhD-level student.

This is the link to the Summer 2024 edition.

Introduction to Cosmology (Bachelor 3rd year)

Our group is also teaching the 'Introduction to Cosmology' course, which is a mandatory course in the Vienna Astrophysics Bachelor curriculum (since 2023). The course covers

  • Homogeneous Cosmology:
  • Expansion of the Universe
  • Friedmann equations and the energy content of the Universe
  • thermal history of the Universe and primordial nucleosynthesis
  • Inhomogeneous Cosmology:
  • the cosmic microwave background
  • structure formation (from density fluctuations to the cosmic web and galaxies)
  • dark matter
  • inflation and the problems of the 'old' big bang model



Other courses our group is involved in