How to join us -- Positions and Projects

There are many opportunities to work with our group at all levels -- for students and researchers. The general rule is: get in touch with us if you are excited by what we are doing.


Postdoc Positions

Funded Positions

We currently don't have any funded positions available unfortunately.

Fellowship Positions

There is always the possibility to join our group as a postdoctoral researcher with an incoming grant:

either through Austrian funding agencies (FWF/FFG) or European funding (Marie-Curie actions). There are also various possibilities to acquire funding in the country of your PhD to pursue a postdoc abroad, e.g.

If you are considering any of these options, please get in touch, we can give tips and assist with the application process.


PhD Positions

We currently don't have any funded positions available unfortunately.


Master/Bachelor Projects

We are happy to host Master and Bachelor projects both in Mathematics and in Astrophysics and welcome students who are interested in theoretical, numerical or machine learning projects. Projects can be offered on the following topics (some other topics are also possible, so definitely do get in touch if you are interested)

  • modelling of large-scale structure observables (galaxy clustering, gravitational lensing, intergalactic medium, galaxy clusters)
  • super-resolution methods (where ML/AI is used to improve low-resolution cosmological simulations)
  • machine learning for cosmological simulations and data analysis
  • high-order methods for astrophysical gas dynamics and MHD
  • high-performance computing for extragalactic simulations
  • semi-numerical techniques between cosmological perturbation theory and simulations


Outreach and Artist Collaborations

We are also very interested in collaborations with artists, teachers and other non-scientists who wish to explore new ways of bringing together scientists, big questions about our Universe, and new artistic or/and educational approaches and concepts. Do get in touch with Oliver Hahn if this speaks to you.